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according to my mom.


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Your sex drive is always a gift.

God created you with a sex drive. When it awakens, you aren’t wrong. For some of us, our sexuality was awakened through something we saw, heard, or even through something done to us. It may have been premature, and not from a safe knowledgable place like our parents or spiritual leaders. Your awakening to sexual things doesn’t make you bad. But to many of us, this is what is communicated by our elders’ discomfort and silence or our exposure to media.

If you have ever felt shame associated with sexuality, you are not alone. I talk to Christians about this all the time, and the VAST majority will tell me that they struggled with embracing their sexuality after marriage, or with feeling like sex is dirty. Many Christians, whether sexually active before marriage or not, struggle with the sudden "sex is now ok!" when they get married. And it can have all kinds of affects as they pursue pleasure through sex.

God created you with dreams and desires and a body that enjoys sex. He created pleasure! And he put that sex drive in you, to desire connection in that expression.

That said, we are responsible of our management of our sex drive. God's intention of sex being only with your spouse isn't a rule to limit your fun. It is a loving gift meant to protect you and benefit you through the growth of your sexual relationship within the safety of a marriage covenant. And the fruit of your love creates your children. This is part of why I am so passionate about how and when we present the idea of sex to our children. Because understanding our sexuality and the discipline of self control is easier when begun at an earlier age in a context of safety.

Mostly this truth is meant to confront the lie communicated to us that our sexuality and sex drive is a curse, until one day and one ceremony when it suddenly is not. Which is just not true.