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10 things I wish I had known about being a dreamer

I have a big dream. Some days I worry it will never come to pass and that I will get to the end of my life without seeing it become reality. I've learned that most dreamers share this fear. All growing up I had the constant affirmation advantage of this millennial generation. I can be whatever I dream. Anything. The world is my oyster!

It's easy to dream a dream. Following it is a completely different journey. Here are the 10 1/2 things I wish I had known about being a dreamer…

1. Education: Dream big. Then practically learn how to achieve your goal. College alone won’t prepare you. You will still need to hustle. Find mentors, read books, watch YouTube videos, and don’t stop learning!

2. Memorial stones: Have a place where you write down your ideas and document your successes. You will forget an idea and you will need a place to go back and remember the goodness of God.

3. Be the best at serving someone else’s dream: No one pays you for your dream. Interning/apprenticeship is important. Be useful and willing to learn what anyone will teach you for free.

4. Be kind to everyone: You never know who will be your foot in the door or may be your boss.

5. People: Buy dinner for someone who has already succeeded and hang around people who are also dreamers. Successful people can give you real life advice and other dreamers will understand how you are made!

6. Failure: More than once things will happen along the way that will discourage, reject and disenchant you. You will FAIL. This is good! Failure will refine your vision. Get back up as many times as it takes.

7. Time: It will take TIME. Even if it takes years or decades, you will need to know how to carry the dream with you through sunshine and storm. The dream will shift to become sometimes greater, sometimes smaller, sometimes dormant. But that is OKAY!

8. Fear is a liar. There will be moments when your emotions and truth don’t agree. Choose truth. (Pay attention to your emotions, but don’t be led by them.)

9. You may get angry and question God. You can follow God wholeheartedly and that isn’t a safeguard from pain. You may want to walk away. Don’t. Let the pain refine you. Your character is more important than the dream. The dream is the tool to shape the character. The dream (if successful) will leave a legacy on the world. Your character will leave a legacy in eternity.

10. The journey is the most important. When you achieve success, you will realize your journey was the whole point. Each random person, random meeting, random step, random project is part of your journey. If you are constantly looking for the perfect opportunity it will never come, or if it does, you will be unprepared.

10 1/2. Having a Prophetic word or a God calling won’t exempt you from the steps that have been listed above. There is comfort in knowing that every dreamer goes through a similar process.

-Ashley Shuck

A few resources that have helped me on my journey are The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, and Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk. Are there any books you would add?

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