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I'm Ashley! I am a member of a tribe called Ministry Wives. 

We are business owners, homemakers, supermoms, lovers, and friends. We are passionate, talented, creative, strong warriors... who happen to be married to ministry men.

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Putting away the perfect

It’s fitting that Kristi Louis is the first featured woman in this little community.

Saying I pursued this woman to write for my blog would be an understatement. Kristi is a petite beauty with a fireball of personality and passion for Jesus. Her heart sneaks up on you, and she is not to be underestimated. Originally, I thought I would just trick her into hanging with me once a week to help me survive dance mom world, but she changed me and I can’t exactly explain how or when. I just know that by the end of that year, I wanted to pray and spend more time with Jesus. We hadn't had a bible study or prayed together, it's just what she carries.

Occasionally she will nonchalantly post nuggets of wisdom on her Instagram page, so you should totally follow her. She’s not long winded, but she is impactful and poignant in a pithy, poetic way.

She also raises four kids (no clue how anyone looks like that after just giving birth, but whatever) and has a beautiful cake business, called Kristi’s cakes. And as a picky foodie and event coordinator, I can tell you that her cakes taste like home and look like a pinterest ad. Oh, and she is a ministry wife.

So without further ado...


"Be perfect...be perfect...be perfect." It's this voice I listen to. It's so common now, though, that I hardly hear it as a voice anymore...now, it's just a subconscious way of living. But, it is a lie, you see. It's a lie because it demands something from me that has already been accomplished in HIM. HE doesn't tell me to be perfect. That's not His voice. Actually, He tells me that I already am perfect. What?! Flawed? No. Sinner? No. "All fair, my beautiful one. There is no flaw in you." That's what He says.

There is only ONE way that is possible...one. And that is this...He shed His blood for me, making me perfect, making me all together lovely. There is no demand on that. It's already been accomplished by Him for me. And you see, if I build on any other foundation besides what He did for me, I find myself on a slippery slope of performance, comparison, fear, anxiety, and introspection. My "weakness," my "flaws" are not something that need to be fixed or overcome...they simply need to be invaded by His love, by His righteousness, by His perfection. And in the process of that, I surely will become radiant, full of glory, full of beauty, full of perfection, not because I TRIED, but simply because I BELIEVED and RECEIVED. For when HE tells you that you're beautiful, you ARE. When HE tells you that you're flawless, you ARE. It is only HIS voice that matters. It is only HIS assessment that matters

With all of my heart, I believe that this last day coming harvest that we want to see will not come on account of working hard and praying intensely. It will come because His Bride simply believes and receives the Word spoken over them and then releases that in both word and deed to a lost and dying world.

-Kristi Louis